You’ve picked the perfect location and that special first song to dance to. Every detail of your wedding reception reveals your personality, your style, and how much this day means to you.

Shouldn’t your ceremony be an even deeper reflection of who you are and what is in your hearts?

Wedding couples often settle for someone else’s ideas, words, and sentiments to express their own feelings. Rituals and customs are often handed down from family members but don’t always reflect your personal dreams, hopes and desires.

HOW IT WORKS: We will arrange at least one pre-wedding face to face meeting when possible. This will be our opportunity to get to know each other and to discuss the type of ceremony that best suits you. Ceremonies can be light and funny, to formal and traditional and of any length that feels right to you. I will provide you with ideas for rituals, blessings, or readings you might like to include, as well as help in writing your vows if you would like. We will work together to create the ceremony of your dreams; one that speaks to you in a very personal way.

Each ceremony is custom crafted for YOU!  


For some, the birth or adoption of a child is one of the most joyous and sacred passages of all. A blessing ritual or naming ceremony welcomes the child to their community of loved ones and to the world at large. It is an opportunity to set your intentions as parents for the child, to appoint godparents or guardians, or to simply welcome the child into the universe.

Perhaps you are not affiliated with a particular house of worship. Perhaps you do practice a particular religion but do not wish to participate in the birth rituals or customs associated with that religion.

 Each birth/ adoption blessing is lovingly created for your unique family, taking into account your background, your beliefs, and your aspirations as a family.