A true teacher is one in whose presence we remember and contact our own greatness”.                    Barbara De Angelis

Before you embark on any journey, it is wise to have some idea of the path you will take to get there. Spiritual counseling might best be described as directions for your journey. It is not therapy and it is not psychoanalysis. Spirituality is your personal roadmap to your own higher power- it is your and yours alone.

The goal of spiritual counseling is to empower those we counsel; to help you get back in touch with the basic truth of who you are, the truth you may have somehow forgotten along the way. Emotions can feel like roadblocks, but they are just feelings, not facts. They serve as valuable clues into your internal self-talk and your belief systems.

We are here on this earth to grow in wisdom and to learn to love ourselves, and each other better. Despite the countless and diverse ways we live our lives and honor our spirit, every life is a spiritual path and all life has a spiritual agenda.

Great people don’t have something that everyone else doesn’t; they have simply removed many of the obstacles that stand in the way of their best selves. Together we can explore the goal of becoming your best self and identify ways to achieve that goal.


The goal of a Crisis Minister. . . is to light a match in the midst of darkness."  -Chaplain Ray Giunta, God at Ground Zero

My work in crisis counseling began in a not for profit agency whose goal is to end Domestic Violence. In addition to counseling, I was an integral part of the Domestic Violence Education Program, presenting educational outreach programs to high school and college students throughout WestchesterCounty.

The focus of my crisis work became clear on Sept 11th, 2001.  Shortly thereafter, I began working for FEMA/Project Liberty as a crisis counselor, providing crisis intervention services to all those affected by the tragic events of that day. Project Liberty remained open for just over two years.

In an effort to combine my ministerial skills with my crisis work, I became certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, doing Pastoral Crisis Intervention and “First Responder” work. I have been a member of the Hudson Valley CISM Team, Disaster Chaplaincy Services of NYC and FEMA’s Community Emergency Response Team.


To schedule a session or learn more about counseling or crisis interventions, please email me at: karenosit@gmail.com